Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wait for me.... I am your leader

Do you ever feel like that? You're following when you should be leading-or vice versa. Welcome to the club.

Men are born both leaders and followers. It's often a question of timing. There are times when we must lead and others when we should follow. The places to be a leader abound: our communities, our jobs, and our homes. The degree of influence we have in these various arenas varies. However, when it comes to spiritual leadership of the family, we have our job description. Spiritual leadership is a God-given responsibility to men. Sorry, ladies. Please don't shoot the messenger!

Research indicates that when a woman/mom leads the family in the commitment to a church, 17% of families follow. But, when a man/dad leads the way in commitment to a church, 93% of families follow! That is a lot of power! After giving men this responsibility, should we be surprised if He provides these leadership gifts in abundance to men? What's more important than eternity-I mean really?

We all want to follow a powerful leader. That is why many people follow Jesus as their leader. He was decisive, powerful, courageous, bold, and confrontational. He was encouraging, compassionate, and understanding. He was everything a great leader should be-and more.

Who do you follow? Who follows you?

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Tony said...

"Who do you follow?" Even though he went home to heaven 16 years ago I still follow my dad. When I find myself in a tough time I remember the day he told me about the many ways God provided when he had no idea how to pay bills.

As I follow Christ and my Dad, I'm trying to be that kind of leader to my son and hope he feels the same about me some day.