Thursday, September 4, 2008

Man Stuff

Welcome to "Man Stuff"-a discussion forum of the Men's NetWork from Lutheran Hour Ministries.

Every week or so, we will throw out a topic where regular guys can dispense opinions, kick around ideas, or just read the commentary for the heck of it.
Agreement is fine, but a "spirited conversation" is a whole lot more fun. Join the dialogue; speak your mind; stir it up. "Man Stuff" will give you an idea how other guys view their world and their role as leaders at work, in the community, at church, and at home.

What will we talk about? There will be all kinds of stuff-serious, not so serious, sports, politics, current events, religion, leadership-just about anything is fair game. What's on your mind? If you're thinking about it, chances are you're not alone. Shoot us a topic idea, and we will send it up the proverbial flagpole.

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drlmri said...

Whats our first topic? I took the day off so I could get to the Men at the Cross convention in Council Bluffs Ia tonight. I've never been to anything like this, but I've friends who love Promise Keepers, so I am looking forward to it.

caydab said...

This will be terrific. Looking forward to great conversations with brothers. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I FRWD to topics and discussion. Thanks Ry

mattatkog said...

Let start a topic.
I started a Mens group just over a year ago. i am having a tough time getting guys to attend. I have an average of 8-10 per week. We are a small congregation of 400/185-200 attendees. Does anyone have some interesting ideas to help me get other guys there?

Rod_Lindemann said...

Awesome! The Lutheran Church is moving forward in reaching men. Type "Men's Ministry" into the LCMS web site and see what comes up... This is long over due. God's blessing on this new endeavor.

Pastor Brian Henderson said...

Wow! I pray that this will be an awesome tool for our wives and our congregations to use to get our men back into the positions of leadership that God created them to fill!

caydab said...

Hey Mattatkog-
I lead a men's Christcare group at our church and we have the same issues. But here is just a note: so often we jump off finding "needs" that fit. I think we need to focus on our Amazing God and His holy character as a means to wake men up to this great God. Let your study and prayer focus on His Person.

Bless you and all the men.

Craig Britton

Bruce Wurdeman said...

I think most men need something to "do". We don't tend to be real good at just sitting and listening. It seems to me the best and most effective men's ministries involve activity--sports, service, retreats, etc. We also tend to be visual learners--we learn more by what we see than by what we hear. By the way, watch this site for info on resources that will be available in January--in the test phase in select congregations right now.


Paul said...


How did your convention go in Council Bluffs?

Who hosted it?

Come across any new or innovative ideas on men's ministry?

Anonymous said...

Bruce, I agree. Coincidently I have suggested activities for the guys, this seems to be the key. I need to get them involved with something which bonds each of the members in a “comfortable” atmosphere. I think once we have guys together to see that we share common beliefs we can get together to worship, pray and have some fellow ship.
Thank for the input.

Rick said...

To Mattatkog

I tried to start a men's Christ Care group and after 5 months only had 3 sign ups. I decided to expand my knowledge and picked up a book called "Why Men Hate Going To Church." Great content, even my wife read it. It led our church to a men's tailgate bible study out in the parking lot on Sunday morning. We had over 20 guys albeit for a short 6 week study but the book's ideas worked. Don't give up. We need the leaders of our families in church and setting the proper example (role model) for the next generation.

asobocinski said...

mattatkog --

I have been in a group for years and we have had between 8 and 18 men. First, do not discount regular postings in the bulletin with new topics as a reminder you exist. Second, find out why your members actually come and ask if they know any other men they can think of to INVITE to join your group.