Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Camo Paraments

Those of you who have been worshipping in a Lutheran church for a while might have noticed the color of the paraments (fancy word for altar cloths). We're men, so most of us probably missed it but a few years back, we added a new color to the parament collection -blue for Advent.

Do you think a panel decided on those colors? They aren't listed in the Bible anywhere, but I'm guessing you couldn't just mix them up willy-nilly without someone getting pretty red in the face. Do you think anyone is open to adding one more color to the collection? How would you feel about this new color for those cloths - camouflage? Some will split hairs and argue that camouflage isn't a color, but a pattern. Tell that to a deer hunter or a soldier. Camo paraments - you won't find them on the Internet, but I still think they would be appropriate for two services each year.

We could put them on the altar for Reformation. Though Luther intended to initiate a discussion, he initiated a war - a war of words (and later weapons) over the truth of the Bible and the importance and central position of the Gospel. Because he said that man was saved by God's action alone through faith in Jesus, he was declared a heretic and could be killed on sight. Camo paraments would work for a day that celebrates that kind of battle.

The other day this new "color" might be appropriate is Good Friday. On that day, the most important war in the history of the world was fought and won. Jesus, on our behalf, did battle with Satan and all of the forces of evil - and He won. "It is finished!" was His victory cry and Easter Sunday was the day of celebration. Good Friday was the battle.

There probably won't be camouflage paraments on your altars this Reformation Sunday or on Good Friday. I wonder, though, if people wouldn't take more notice of the importance of those days if there were!


Tony said...

I can't imagine my church ever using camo paraments, but I agree they would certainly make a strong visual impact. Then when they were explained I'm sure it would hit home with a lot of guys- reminding us Jesus is the strong hero leading us in our battles. If we can't have camo paraments, maybe we can have camo banners instead!

James T. B said...

Instead of imagining a new liturgical color, why not explain the colors that we do have? Male does not equal neanderthal.