Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Father's Love

Cruising down some country back roads the other day I was wearing out the scan button on the radio, looking for a local station to help me pass the miles. Scanning from station to station let me focus on the road ahead and sample the local area's selection of musical offerings.

I was letting the radio do its thing when half way through the third cycle I caught an intriguing song phrase. It was something about a father's love. By the time I found the station again the tune was over, and the announcer was in a commercial break. After that the scanning continued, until I located some solid motivational music. Locking it in on a classic rock station, the rest of the trip was spent jamming.
Still, cutting through the guitar riffs and drum fills was that phrase about a father's love. I couldn't forget it.

When I returned home I did a YouTube search and found the song was called "A Father's Love," and was sung by George Strait.

I listened to the song more than a few times and was once again struck by the phrase about how a father's love isn't just every now and then; a father loves all the time.

Now I happened to be one of those lucky kids who had a dad who loved his sons -- no matter what we did. Sure, we paid the consequences for our actions, but we knew dad always loved us. Of that we were certain.

For example, there was the time I happened to squirt oil on the neighbor's house, meaning dad had to pay for his house to be repainted. I was wrong and I certainly suffered the consequences of my action, but I never doubted dad's love for me.

Perhaps you are a new dad wondering what the future holds for your young son. Then again, maybe you're a seasoned dad facing the terrible teen years. In whatever phase of life you're in, I suggest you let your children know you love them -- no matter what.

I do understand there may be some of you who don't remember much about your dads. And while I can't comment on your feelings, I can caution that if and when you do have kids, do as the song says and show them your love.

My dad is gone, but there is one thing I know: I will always love him, and he always loved me.

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