Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Calendar Pages

I'll admit it. I like new calendars. There's something about a blank calendar that sits on my desk that offers an opportunity for me to start fresh, to avoid all the mistakes of the past year. No longer do I have to look at coffee cup stains, crossed-out dates, mysterious phone numbers, or missed appointments. Gone are the doodles of long phone conversations and the torn pages.

The blank page awaits my input: birthdays, wedding anniversary, and vacation days get entered first. Next come doctor's appointments, dentist visits, and other important personal days that need a reminder. Last, I can enter the dates I know about for work: meetings, appointments, conferences, important phone calls, and deadlines to meet are all entered neatly and legibly.

As you can tell, I have a paper calendar. I like to use one with the comics on each day. That way I can start the day with a laugh. Also, for me there is something symbolic about tearing off the previous day and getting a new page. I know, I know, there's a paperless way to do this. I also have electronic calendars -- on my computer and on my phone. I like the beeps and sounds of each, but I still like paper calendars.

As I look forward to 2010 I see several events I need to remember. A few I must remember (i.e. wedding anniversary and family birthdays, for instance), and a whole bunch will be filled in later. It is those days that hold the most promise. What will 2010 bring?

I pray that 2010 will be filled with days of opportunities to share my faith with other men. Perhaps that opportunity will come on the golf course. Perhaps it will be when shoulder to shoulder on a work project. Then again, it might just happen when playing cards. Whatever the occasion, I look forward to those times when I can share what God has done in my life and hearing how He's at work in my brother's life.

I pray that 2010 will be filled with days of productive work. I am blessed to be able to work for a ministry, not a paycheck. I pray God will continue to bless this work. I pray that each of you see your work as a ministry and not merely a paycheck -- regardless of your occupation or title.

I pray that 2010 will be filled with days of family activities. I enjoy sitting around the dinner table remembering family stories, sharing family histories, and hearing how each generation fashions its own view of family. Family times are good times.

As you stare at blank calendar pages, empty Outlook boxes, or blank lines on your PDA, I pray your days are filled with activities, ministry, family and, above all else, God's abiding love.

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