Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is the time of year we get to look back over the last 12 months and review all that was good, all that was bad, and all that we forgot. So here goes,


Over 2,600 LCMS churches enrolled and participating in some part of the Men's NetWork

Over 650 non-LCMS churches enrolled and participating in some part of the Men's NetWork

Men's fellowship and impact events happening all over the United States and Canada

New Bible studies being produced for 2010

The Baloney Shop segments give men an opportunity to rally against the baloney of this world

"Stuff They Didn't Teach Us in Sunday School" gives men an opportunity to grow in their Bible story knowledge

Men touched by the Gospel reaching out to their fellow men and inviting them to know the Savior

Men having the opportunity to share the joys and tribulations of being a man in today's world

Men gathering together around the Word and fellowship


Sin, Satan, and the world assaulting us daily

Things we may have forgot:

It's interesting that the company, Build-A-Bear Workshop, put out a children's cartoon claiming Christmas will be cancelled this year because the North Pole is melting due to global warming. That ranks right up there with the United States Department of Energy financing an ad campaign complete with TV commercials and a dedicated Web site targeting children to save energy. Tinker Bell is the spokesperson for this campaign. I am wondering why target children? Have we become so spineless as parents that we now cave in to every whim and whine from our children?

It's interesting that the Christmas light industry has joined in the fight against global warming by providing more expensive, dimmer Christmas display lights. Seems as if the industry is concerned our children have sufficient energy available in the future. Sadly, the governments of the world have strapped future generations with such massive financial debt that our children may not afford any energy or food.

It's interesting that the United States is concerned about preventing lung cancer to the point that smoking is banned in most public places, tobacco is not advertised, and cigarettes are so excessively taxed most people can't afford them. This same government, however, renders a decision that women don't need to have mammograms until age 50, which sends a curious message to younger women who might have had breast cancer detected early enough to save their lives.

It's interesting that there is a concerted effort to prevent forest fires in the interest of preserving animal habitats, but we still abort human babies without any qualm of conscience.

It's interesting that we bend over backward not to offend people of Muslim faith, Jewish faith, or no faith, but find it newsworthy and proper to attack and belittle Christians.

Have a great 2010!

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