Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The earthquake in Haiti once again reminds us how urgent it is to share the Gospel -- today -- for we never know what the tomorrow will bring.

President Gerald Kieschnick shares: "We praise God that our missionaries in Haiti are confirmed to be safe. In addition to an LCMS World Mission GEO (Globally Engaged in Outreach) missionary and family stationed in Haiti, there are at least three short-term mission teams in the country from LCMS congregations and mission organizations from Nebraska, New York, and Wisconsin. We are working to confirm the safety of pastors and others in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti (ELCH), which has been a partner church of the Missouri Synod's since 2001. While communications are still sketchy, we believe Rev. Marky Kessa, president of the ELCH, is safe. We are continuing our efforts to reach our other dear brothers and sisters in Christ in Haiti."

Robert Bugbee, Lutheran Church-Canada president, called Tuesday's 7.0-magnitude earthquake "catastrophic" and said the synod forwarded funds Wednesday to Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR).

"On behalf of Lutheran Church-Canada pastors and people across our country, I express the sorrow and horror our members feel at the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti," said Bugbee. "The basic needs of all Haitians -- regardless of their religious affiliation -- are a serious matter and need to be addressed immediately. We encourage LCC congregations and members to donate generously to the relief effort. Please do so without delay!"

Orphan Grain Train, a Christian humanitarian relief organization headquartered in Norfolk, Nebraska, in cooperation with LCMS World Relief and Human Care will ship 513,216 "Kids Against Hunger" meals (two semi-loads) to Haiti during the week of January 17. Orphan Grain Train is shipping to Haiti both by air and by sea. Other relief shipments are in the planning stages. A semi-load relief shipment sent to Haiti last month arrived January 6 and is now being used to respond to the disaster. Each semi-load contains 256,608 meals. Volunteers in Lincoln, Hastings, and Norfolk, Nebraska prepared the "Kids Against Hunger" meal packets. Food distributions are intended for all people in need, regardless of church affiliation.
What can a man do other than offer prayers? At this time the best way we can help is to give money to those on the ground in the country helping people. You can click on these links to learn more about donating:

LCMS World Relief and Human Care Disaster Response

Canadian Lutheran World Relief

Orphan Grain Train

Fathers, this is a great teaching opportunity to educate your children about living the Christian faith -- sharing not only prayers, but also money.

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