Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Christmas List

Some things I've learned about Christmas gifts:

1. When buying clothes for your wife, size does matter -- go small!
2. You better buy batteries.
3. One must be exceptionally cautious if purchasing a gift for your wife at Auto Zone. Lowe's is a safer bet; get it at Macy's and you're golden.
4. Gift assembly on Christmas Eve generally strains a marriage.
5. There is nothing easy about E-Z Credit.

It is better to receive a very specific list of items that would give happiness to the gift receiver. The list should include sizes, colors, brand names or, in a perfect world, the SKU (stock-keeping unit) number. An electronic list with pictures usually gets priority.

We can rejoice that we have received one Christmas gift that is just the right size, works flawlessly every time, and is absolutely perfect for everybody -- the real gift of Christmas...our Savior!

I have found that reading the second chapter of the Gospel of Luke to the family on Christmas Eve really puts the whole Christmas gift thing in perspective.

What about you?

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