Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thank You

Two important words: we teach them to our children. We say them automatically. We expect to hear them at the proper time. Yes, hearing "thank you" is important. If we give a gift to someone and they forget to say "thank you," we are disappointed. If we continue giving gifts and still don't receive any words of thanks or appreciation, we just might refuse to give gifts. For, we reason, if they can't even say "thanks," they certainly don't deserve a gift.

A quick inventory of everything we have shows just how many gifts we have been given. We have air, water, food, shelter, life, health, family, friends, occupations, TVs, computers, tables, chairs, couches, and beverages. We have talents, hobbies, interests and our minds. Everything we have has been given to us; most of these items are obvious; others are less so. In the end, however, everything we have is a gift. This being the case, I know I've forgotten more than a few "thank yous" along the way.

Do we thank the Creator for the universe we live in? Do we thank Him for the sun, moon, stars, planets, or the incomprehensible beauty of the world around us? Do we thank the Creator for the abilities we have? Do we thank the Creator for the most perfect gift of all - His forgiveness of our sins through His Precious Son - Jesus?

For that, I'm going to go say "thank You" a lot more often.

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