Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Can You Make a Difference?

I know things have been worse in the past, but today's world seems whacked -- high gas prices, unemployment, devastating weather, food prices, an out-of-control stock market, clogged highways and, now an election where both major parties tell us what we need is change. All I know is that we'll get it one way or another - change, that is.

What can one person do? The problems seem so monstrous there is no possible way one person can make a difference.

But one person can make a difference. There is one of those movies circulating the Internet about a grocery bagger named Johnny see video here see video here and how he made a difference in the lives of his customers and in the culture of a simple grocery store. Yeah, it kind of smacks of a "Hallmark® moment," but it does make a point. Who knows if it's true? And, in the end, it doesn't really matter.

But I do know a true story about how one man made a difference in his world -- my Dad. My Dad taught his children to work hard, be honest, pray and trust in God. He expected us to do well and touch the lives of those they met in a positive way. He was demanding but forgiving, loud -- yet with soft edges. He loved God and shared that love freely.

He made a difference in his world and now in mine.

Can you make a difference?

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Dave said...

Yeah, but what kind of Dad is an example when he used to slap us around as kids? Mom never knew when he'd be coming home from work or worse, what shape he'd be in when he got home. More than once there was an empty chair at the table when it was time for dinner. Maybe your Dad taught you good stuff, but not everyone is so lucky.