Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Well, it's that time of the year again -- New Year's! It's another chance to begin clean with a new slate -- a time we can all resolve to be better, do better, and live better lives. All of the errors of the past year are wiped clean with a flip of a calendar page. Everybody has permission to start anew.

Yep. New Year's resolutions are here. I personally don't spend a lot of time resolving to stop habits I have acquired or beginning those I haven't. I usually try to announce resolutions I know I have a fairly good chance at keeping -- for example this year I think I will resolve to

1. play more golf.
2. watch more football.
3. switch to light beer (at least when there is not a regular one to be found).
4. cheer on the Cubs (It takes a special team to have a bad millennium.)
5. pray for the president.

In theory, you gotta love New Year's resolutions. You get a "do over" -- a chance to start fresh. I get that every morning when I wake up. I have a new day, one I haven't messed up yet. I can do some good! Yet each night I go to sleep with the good I would do undone and the evil I would not do done. While there are things about me that seem habitual, there are others that change all the time. One thing that never changes, however, is the comfort Jesus gives me as He forgives me each day, wiping away my sin, giving me a clean slate. That is awesome!

What will you do today?


David M. Doroh said...

I stopped making any resolutions years ago. This way, when I do accomplish something, everybody is astonished and happy for me. No harm, no foul.

You would think, however, that the older a guy gets, the less embarrassed he would be by failure. But then, I still have my wife to remind me.

Anonymous said...

I will wish for you and the Men's Network The best of results then in it's first year of being a benifit to all of our Heavenly Father's men!

dave b. said...

The new year resolution was made up so we would see we need improvement.Wonder who made that up?

Anonymous said...

I like the praying for the president one. Pray that he fails at all the evil deeds he is planning!