Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII

Super Bowl XLVII will be played February 3 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. This yearly clash between the best of the AFC and NFC gives rise to another closely related annual tradition: the Super Bowl party. With New Orleans as the backdrop, I predict many a party will whirl around a Mardi Gras theme. I can see it now -- beads and guacamole, pull tabs and jambalaya. Because Beyoncé is headlining the halftime show year, there just might be a few fans sticking around to watch the entertainment. It'll be interesting to see if the event is worth the $4 million price tag the network is charging for each 30-second commercial.

The Super Bowl and its related events have been elevated in today's culture almost to the status of a national holiday. It's big, brawny, adrenalized and completely American. Even if you're not really interested, you don't want to let on that way. It's just not polite to the millions of rabid fans out there who can't get enough of the sport, especially the year-end spectacle that awards the Vince Lombardi Trophy to football's finest. If you're traveling that weekend, fear not. Airports feature the game prominently at gates and in airport restaurants. It's also true that many businesses experience a high rate of no-shows on the Monday following the game. Even those who do not ever follow the regular season get caught up in the Super Bowl hype and hysteria.

Guys, this year we can capitalize on all the hype that surrounds this game for our own Super Bowl event.

How about this year we volunteer to host the big bash? We can invite all those in our circle who might be facing some tough life issues. As for the gals, they can use this time for some sisterly bonding. As for us, we can chew on some wings, lather on the dip, tap the keg, and enjoy an afternoon and evening devoted to some top-drawer football.

I can see it now. Before the game we can set up the event with the Men's NetWork's Colt McCoy study. Nothing says let's talk football better than an interview with one of the best college quarterbacks ever to step on the gridiron.

Depending on the excitement level of the game and commercials, we can use the time together to start talking about some of those issues we all face: troubles at work, family issues, uncertain financial times, and the ever popular litany of broken New Year's resolutions.

Older men can share their wisdom with their younger brothers; young men can share fresh insights with older guys; divorced men can find a safe way to be affirmed; single men can get all kinds of dating advice, and the list goes on.

A friendship formed in a non-threatening environment like a "man cave" can lead to a discussion down the line on the more serious aspects of life.

Have fun and enjoy the company and the game. Since my team isn't a contender this year, I have nothing to cheer about or mourn for, that is, until the cheese dip is gone.

And with that, would you mind passing the wings?

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