Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day - 2012 "Here's To The Men!"

Here's to the men, who build bridges, roads, buildings and houses; here's to the welders, carpenters, operators and the craftsmen in the trades. Thank you for building our nation strong!

Here's to the men, who defend -- the police, fire, service members all, men who run to danger, heeding the call. Thank you for defending our strong nation!

Here's to the men, who teach and train -- teachers, professors, pastors, and all who impart their skill and understanding to another generation. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Here's to the men, who keep the stories -- authors, singers, actors and more, who tell their tales and are remembered forevermore. Thank you for your inspiration!

Here's to the men of action -- inventors, salesmen, entrepreneurs and other movers. Thank you for your inspiration!

Here's to the men, who value the rules -- lawyers, politicians, judges and jurors, and to all those parents who set firm boundaries. Thank you for keeping us honest!

Here's to the men of adventure -- hunters, fishermen, scuba divers, spelunkers, explorers and all those who get up close and personal with nature. Thank you for pushing us forward!

Here's to the men on the line -- men who do the jobs that manufacture the goods that bear the stamp, "Made in the U.S.A." Thank you for a job well done!

Here's to the men in the field -- farmers and ranchers, who raise the crops and animals of our nation's abundant harvest. Thank you for your stewardship of nature!

Here's to the men, who oversee employees -- bosses, middle-managers and supervisors, who lead by example and value those they manage. Thank you for your able direction!

Here's to all you who labor!

May God continue to watch over you and keep you safe.

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