Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Cleveland, I feel your pain. The whole country heard the news that your city -- and your team -- just don't measure up to Miami. Granted, LeBron James' exodus to the Sunshine State doesn't rate as high on the disaster scale as the Gulf of Mexico oil crisis, but it's still embarrassing to have your city slammed to a national audience.

So I ask the question, what would motivate a leading sports figure to move from one city to another? Putting the best (if not somewhat far-fetched) construction on everything, one might assume a marquis player would move to a different team so his abilities could be maximized to strengthen and complement players' abilities on the new squad.

Then again, it could be as simple as the new team offered more money and a way better deal?

I believe in this instance it's the latter reason.

Okay, that was an easy shot. Hey, he's a big boy, he can take it.

Let's move on, shall we? Let's consider those extraordinary men and women who do what they do not for fame or fortune but for ideals and their fellow man. I'm humbled when I remember our troops who volunteer every day to lay their lives on the line fighting for others and putting themselves second. Our military volunteer corps left their homes, their families, and their safety -- not for a monster salary and out-of-this-world perks -- but for more noble reasons: duty, honor, and country.

For sacrificing so others won't have to, I honor our troops and thank them.

Making millions doing whatever is one of the great opportunities individuals have in this country. Laying down our lives in selfless service is another.

Men, when we make our decisions, what is our motive?

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Anonymous said...

I had difficulty this Fourth of July singing in church thinking of the sacrafice our troops are making for our country,God bless them. When it comes to what motivates us only God knows our heart, that is why it must be pure. I am reminded of when a father askes his daughters boyfriend, "what are your intentions for my daughter"? I have learned we are here to serve, God first then wife and family and neighbor. We are to serve here knowing our reward is in heaven.