Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Let's Talk Corruption

I just heard the federal government has a plan to tax the employer's share of my medical insurance payments. I also received word the Federal Emergency Management Agency redrew the maps of those requiring flood insurance -- moving my house from the "it will never flood" zone to the "pay lots of money to me" zone. My radio station wants me to write Congress so it won't pass the bill taxing radio stations. The national unemployment rate is headed north of 10 percent, and the current trade deficient is $29.2 billion. General Motors' stock is listed at $1 a share while Honda sells for $27.30.

On the state level, we follow corrupt governors as they're impeached, indicted, and imprisoned. Some states face either shutting down or raising taxes. I have even heard that some states are not processing state income tax refund checks until they get more money.

One wouldn't have to go too far from home to witness local graft and corruption. Police officers are accused of abusing their position; mayors are recalled, and local agencies take "fact-finding" missions to vacation resorts.

It is my opinion a root cause behind many of our woes -- economic, civil, and social -- comes down to one word: greed. Yep. It's just good, old-fashioned "I'm-gonna-get-everything-I-can-get" greed. Politicians figured out long ago they could get extra perks, loads of cash, or special considerations for passing certain bills or ignoring others. Lobbyists determined they could get money to influence government officials, workers strike for higher wages and lawyers sue for millions.

Meanwhile, the average Joe has to bear the brunt of everyone else's greed. The person at the bottom is stepped on by all. The person without a voice, who has no entitlement, and lacks the wherewithal to buy influence, ends up paying for the corruption caused by greed. But are we surprised at this? It's been the state of affairs for quite some time.

The Teacher writes to us in Ecclesiastes 5:8-9: "If you see the poor oppressed in a district, and justice and rights denied, do not be surprised at such things; for one official is eyed by a higher one, and over them both are others higher still. The increase from the land is taken by all; the king himself profits from the fields."

In other words, where there is money, there is corruption. Perhaps the time is now that we, as Christian males and voters, step up and speak out against corruption. Maybe we need to live within our means and demand our government officials do the same. Maybe it's time for the Church to take over some of the social programs the government uses as a way to line greedy pockets. I don't know -- just musing out loud I guess.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately greed is just plain sin. As long as we have politicians, they will continue to lie to get what they want. And that is re-election. The only consolation we have is to know that God will reward them in the end. There is a very simple solution to all of our government problems. However, it will never happen, because those in power would have to agree to it. And since it would end their power, they would never agree to it. It a three step fix:

1) The solution is a single 6 year term limit for all elected offices, from dog catcher to vice president. And all lobbying is illegal. If you could only serve in an elected position for 6 years, and only once in your life, there would be no "career" politicians. Congress would hold elections every year, and we would elect 1/6 of all positions each year. That way there would always be 5/6 of the group with some experience, and yet, no one would have more than 6 years of service. And since there are no lobbyists, everyone serving would be there only to serve, not to make a career out of it. The Vice President would be elected every 3 years, and would become President after his 3rd year, and then serve as President for the next 3 years. There would be no parties. So we would elect people, not parties. After service, you would go back to your home town and continue your actual profession. The law would be that your job would be guaranteed while serving your 6 years in public service.

2) Eliminate the current federal laws, and start over with the constitution as originally written. The federal government should only be in charge of national defense, and interstate trafficing and communication. That includes the military, interstate roads, and communications such as phone systems. All other government functions should be left to the states. This would almost eliminate federal taxes. There would only be a small fixed % flat tax on everyone (no exceptions) to support the military. The states would tax as needed to support other functions. If you didn't like the tax system in your state, you could move to a different one. That's called competition, and would force each state to be reasonable in order to keep their citizens.

3) Looser pay all in lawsuits. If you sue someone, it better be legitimate. If you loose, you pay all the legal fees for both sides. So if someone sues you, and you know it's frivolous, you can hire the best lawyer around knowing that if you win, the other guy will pay all the bills.

Obviously the only way this could happen is by a miracle. Society is made up of a few people who work hard for the benefit of their fellow man, and a lot of people who are looking for a handout from others. Since the majority are looking for a handout, they have all the electoral power. And that means they will continue to elect those who promise them something for nothing. So the only answer is a miracle. So as Christians, we need to pray for a miracle.

Maybe its time for another revolution. It worked pretty well 200 years ago. Maybe that's as long as we can expect in a sinful society.

Or maybe some of the liberals had a good idea a couple of years ago when they suggested Iraq should be split into two countries. Except maybe it applies to us. If we had a liberal US and a conservative US, we could drill all the oil we wanted, and get our "American" dream back.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more with this. I live in a rural area next to a small town. Just about everything around here is in some way tied to agriculture. I think this is a very good thing. I dont know of many other occupations that rely so much on faith. Is greed present here? yes it is. Its everywhere in the world. My frustration comes in now when Government thinks it needs to tax livestock to "Save the world from global warming". Taxes imposed on carbon dioxide emissions that we all know is what plants breath in. I just cant believe how out in left field this all turned almost overnight. Homosexuals can now legally get married in some states. People are called bigots for speaking out against it. I am extremely frustrated and discouraged. I dont like money I pay in taxes funding abortions. I dont believe in global warming, therefore I dont like taxes imposed to help eliminate it when it doesnt exist. I dont like the way everyone worships the ground our leaders walk on. I have a hard time talking to people who agree with me on abortion and global warming, but find more important issues than those on electing officials and defend their actions through and through. I have a hard time throwing praises at people that dont believe in God or the Bible or just pick what they feel is right. I dont like this country's new outreach to the Muslim world, nor do I care for the apologies for our actions. How do you help people see what is right and wrong? How do you convince people that God is good? How do you convince people the Bible is without error and the only way to truly know God? I continue to pray that people will wake up and that my words and actions may help them.

The Layman said...

I do think that we need more education in the civil part of our nation on what we Christians call the Kindom of The left (civil) and the Kingdom of the Right (spiritual). Our nation is at a crossroads where reverence for a triune God just doesn't fit their lifestyles. Consider life as we know it, if this trend continues, are we to live in a pagan society?

agedwirehead said...

Seems like we already live in a pagan society. It just isn't as pagan as many others. As my church has disintegrated around me, just as my country has, I can easily be discouraged.

I was recently asked to comment about a bishopress in the Episcopal "community" who is up to no good. I could have written volumes. However correct those volumes may have been about the sin of this situation, they would have directed some people's attention into minutia and away from the Living God.

When we look into our own hearts and see our own shortcomings, then pray for and humbly accept the Lord's cleaning, with joy, our hearts will overflow with rivers of living water and His light will shine out through us.

Pagan society or not, this is good.

And just for a mention, if you would like to see evidence of good among us, watch a DVD I just watched a couple of days ago, "The Heart of Texas".


The move defies quick description. It has helped me to start again looking for good rather than focusing on all of the evil.

May God bless each of you.

Anonymous said...

As a State employee who works with the poor and the disabled, I agree about the corruption, and I agree that there HAS to be a change. Yes your right that if a miracle would happen, then the described changes might work, or a dozen other theories that I have heard. The comment that I agree with the most, is the one about how we are at a crossroad, or should I say a CROSS road. Yes we as individuals need to look inward and restored to the Graces of the Lord, as clean as when we were first saved. Then we all, and this is the hard part, ALL have to pray for the Lord to move across this Nation, and pray for a mighty revival to sweap our Nation. Man changes will only work so far, and that will not be very far at all. The only thing that will save this Pagan Nation, is that the Holy Spirit would descend upon all the Nation, and the only way that will happen, is if we ALL pray for it. Then we will see a change.
*** DISCLAIMER: The following is a truth, but also an attempt at lightening the mood of this comment*** Unless, of course this is something that has been destined to happen, as part of the preparation for the tribulation and the return of Christ, but that may make some think I'm a kook (nyuk-nyuk-nyuk!!).

Kurt said...

When thinking of the Ten Commandments, which the liberal left want so much to eliminate, the word "greed" comes through loud and clear as the core sin that has been with us since Adam and Eve. Envy also comes in as close second, where greed is envy put into action.
Some have criticized Christians as being greedy, wanting the whole world to acknowledge Jesus Christ as their savior. I guess that is the only item where I might think that greed is good!