Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is It Time To Laugh Yet?

Okay, admit it. You've been stressed -- the economy, the political situation, world unrest, and TV reruns are depressing. So what is a guy supposed to do?

I see a couple of roads to travel:

1. Continue to stress out, get angry, drive up your blood pressure, maybe even get a heart attack. Doesn't sound too attractive, does it?

2. Ignore reality. Go golfing and fishing -- tempting but probably not practical.

3. Work honest. Do what is possible and take time to laugh.

Yep, take time for a good belly laugh -- a small teeter, a guffaw, or maybe just a pleasant smile. So what's funny? Whenever I am looking for something that tickles me, I usually look in the mirror. I am known to do or say things that others -- okay, even me -- find humorous. In the hope I am not the only person in the world who messes up, I would like to challenge you. I will share something about me and then you can share something about you in the comment section. That way my self-esteem will increase knowing I am not the only one out there. Also, we can all get a good laugh -- at least a smile -- and my children can feel their Dad isn't totally bonkers. Deal?

Here's mine:

I worked for Jewell Tea Company as a stock handler in their home goods division. One perk I had was being able to shop in their employee store. One day after work I went to the store and found a great looking trench coat. It was black, had two rows of buttons, and fit like a glove. I drove home thinking of all the girls that would turn their heads when I walked into the room wearing my sunglasses and trench coat. I was "Bond -- James Bond."

I got home and proudly wore my new coat into the house. I saw Mom in the kitchen and asked her how she liked it. She turned and looked. Soon a smile crept across her face. I announced I was, "Bond -- James Bond." Her smile grew. Then she giggled. Then she was laughing.

I was only 15, but I sensed something amiss. Since I wasn't very observant and only had brothers, she put her arm on my shoulder and gently gave me a lesson on how girl's and boy's coats buttoned. She wiped her tears and explained that men and women clothes are also sized differently. Although I was a nice size two, I should probably not go to the school dance wearing a woman's coat. (I did get a nice man's trench coat for Christmas that year.)

Okay. Your turn.

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Anonymous said...

I love golf. I've been playing (more or less) for over 50 years. Yet, I'm usually pretty prowd of myself when I can break 100. But my attitude is that I'm only a stroke (or two) "per hole" behind than Tiger. But one day I hit a "trick shot" that I doubt if Tiger could match. I was on the first tee of one of our local courses surounded by dense forest. I placed the ball on the tee, drew back and let it rip. I hit a perfectly straight shot "exactly" 90 degrees directly in front of me straight into the forest. I'm not sure how I did it. But it went deep into the trees. It was a lifetime before I heard it hit solidly on a tree. I thought that was pretty funny. But the fun hadn't started yet. Another lifetime later my ball returned out of the forest, landed back on the tee area, and rolled gently back against the tee and stopped, as if to say, "put me back on the tee and try again". Which I did. Oh, did I mention, I cheat. How else could I break 100 now and then?