Tuesday, January 5, 2016

In Need of a New Year's Resolution?

I came across an interesting article in Relevant Magazine, entitled, "Why Aren't Millennials Having Sex Anymore?"

It included a fascinating quote from theologian Russell Moore:

"This is why sexual revolutions always turn out so boring. This is why the sterile, casual, condom-clad vision of sex in our culture is so dull. This is why pornography is so numbing to the soul. It is because, in the search for sexual excitement, men and women are not really looking for biochemical sensations or the responses of nerve endings. And, in fact, they are not ultimately even looking for each other. They are searching desperately, not for mere sex, but for that to which sex points -- something they know exists but they just can't identify. ... They are looking to be part of an all-encompassing cosmic mystery. They are looking for a love that is stronger than death."

We can broaden the topic beyond sexuality to scores of different avenues people take to find fulfillment and meaning in their lives: popularity, riches, possessions, appearance, drugs, gambling, plastic surgery, weight loss programs. I'm sure you can add a few more to the list.

How many New Year's resolutions are centered in this search for something deeper, something more lasting, something stronger than death?

That's a tall order.

But, of course, there is only one place to find it, and that is in the Word who became flesh, Jesus Christ. He took on our human nature to save us from our sins. This He did by taking our sins upon Himself and suffering and dying in our place on the cross. In His resurrection He has opened the doors of heaven and made it possible to become sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. Apart from that relationship, we can find no true, lasting fulfillment in the New Year.

Indeed, St. Augustine said it well: "Our souls are restless until they find their rest in Thee."

For so many of our friends, acquaintances and family members -- perhaps for many of us as well -- 2015 was not as full or as satisfying as we would have liked. Perhaps you are wondering how you can prevent a repeat performance in 2016. But unless we look to God's own Son, we will never find the deeper meaning in the life we are seeking.

Jesus said, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full" (John 10:10b). It isn't just for eternity that God wants our life to be thrilling, joyful and fulfilling, it's for right here and now.

But we can all strive to make this present world a happier space where we can begin to feel the cosmic mystery of being the body of Christ in the world. That's not to say this life will be perfect. We are still sinners with rough edges, rubbing shoulders together. But while we wait anxiously for His return, we can make the most of the time He gives us to love and care for each other. We can encourage each other to share the great news of His incredible love with the people around us - with those who are seeking, hurting, searching for something more ...

more than the latest gadget, wonder diet, or psychic guru.

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Navalpride said...

I look for the same thing I looked for in more in 2015 than 2014, 2013, 2012.....since 2004......more of God in the chaos of the world, more focus on the purpose to which He has carried me through the last 11 years; whittling, shaping and correcting me to be. I look for my voice, silenced in years past, to cry out for men to be MEN....leading their families in the chaos of the times, finding godly women to be collaborators and renegades with for the sake of the family and our society's future. I look for the aches and pains of this body overworked for the sake of service to my neighbor in impoverished lives (economic, social, or spiritual). I look for those who will walk with me when we need a breather and run with me as we reach into a world confused by the doctrine of the day and hurting by the abuses of sinful humanity. Too much? Maybe. There will be days I fail, days I succeed but each day will start out like they have since 2/14/2004....."Lord, this day as I get out of this bed; I ask you to give me eyes that I may see what you would have me see, lips to speak what you would have me say, ears to hear what you would have me hear, hands to grasp that which should be bound and to release that which is not mine to hold. But above all this, Lord Jesus I pray, that you will give me the feet to walk the narrow path you would have me walk today and the awareness to grab onto you when I stumble.

Too much?