Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Winter Sports

I'm not much for extreme golfing.

Let me clarify. By that I mean I don't like golfing when it's really hot. It seems to take the luster from the game if I'm sweating like crazy under a burning sun, especially while I'm trying to maintain my composure after a muffed third shot from the rough.

It's the last week of July. Normally, this time of year we're hitting at or near the 100-degree mark here in St. Louis, slogging under a heavy blanket of humidity, courtesy of the Gulf of Mexico. In these times, if I have to be outdoors at all, I'd prefer to be boating in the middle of a lake or relaxing among some shady trees. Of course, what self-respecting golfer wants to find himself in either the water or the woods?

But, thankfully, this has not been a typical St. Louis summer. This whole week we're enjoying high temperatures in the eighties with low humidity. As a result, this is one of those rare summer seasons when it makes sense to me to go golfing. I only wish I would have known this a few months back when we were planning our family vacation.

For once, wouldn't it be great to schedule a golfing tournament when you know the weather is going to be great? Actually, I can, and you can too. In seven short months the Men's NetWork is hosting a golf tournament at the Mission Inn Resort & Club in Howey-In-the-Hills, Florida (37 miles northwest of Orlando). It covers four days and three nights on Thursday, February 26 to Sunday, March 1, 2015.

If I catch the early bird discount (up until Oct. 31) it'll cost me $700 to golf solo for the weekend -- or I can bring a buddy and double up on a room for $500 each. After Oct. 31 the cost goes up $100 for each selection. That price includes excellent resort accommodations, hot breakfast buffet and lunch daily, plated dinners on Friday and Saturday, and all carts and green fees for 18 holes of golf on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Play is on two championship 18-hole golf courses, offering unique, natural challenges, which include dramatic 85-foot elevation variances and water everywhere. The Men's NetWork will change up the tournament format daily, and in the evenings we'll enjoy Bible studies and devotions led by the Speaker of The Lutheran Hour, Rev. Gregory Seltz, along with Bruce Wurdeman, former executive director of Lutheran Hour Ministries.

If you're interested in dodging the cold this winter for some warmth and edification in the sun, check it all out at Click here!

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