Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What Would You Not Do?

Not too long ago a little girl who is very near and dear to my heart whispered to me what she really, really wanted for her birthday: "a pair of blue binoculars with white snowflakes on them. I don't want a toy one; I want a really real one that I can use to see things far away. I want to see princes and caribou and snow monsters far away from me."

Being very much in love with this little girl I set out on a quest to find "really real," blue binoculars with white snowflakes on them.

Needless to say, there are not many choices for such items. So I did what any guy would do when faced with a challenge: I improvised.

An inexpensive pair of black binoculars, some blue paint, and a sticker book, along with hours of detailing were all that were needed to fulfill this precious girl's wish. That's what guys do.

I can't think of much I wouldn't do for those I love and those who love me.

I have been known to give up watching football to sit for hours and hours at a dance recital -- just to glimpse three minutes of a little angel dressed in pink gauze flit across the stage.

I have given up working in the yard to sit in a crowded schoolroom to witness a nervous boy take his turn spelling words in the classroom spelling bee.

I have forfeited a night out with the boys to take my wife to the latest must-see (hers, not mine) romantic comedy. (I must confess the lack of car chases put me on the nods, and the only "body count" was how many women's hearts the male lead had broken.)

But, of course, these examples pale against a display of the truest kind of love.

It may have been in a Sunday school class or a Bible study where we first encountered this love. It may have been grasped in a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend or through the inspired teaching of a godly man. Then again, it may have taken all these connections and more for God's love to break through.

But when He did, we knew there wasn't a thing He would not do for us.

Confirming this fact once more will be the victorious words you'll hear this coming Easter Sunday in church. As you celebrate this awesome day, take time to reflect on the Resurrection story; it's a story about new beginnings for each of us.

A blessed Easter to you from the Men's NetWork!

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