Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Madness of March

March Madness kicks off with the first round of the 2014 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship Tournament today in Dayton, Ohio. Sixty-eight college teams will begin the tournament with the goal of playing in Arlington, Texas, for the Championship on April 7. March Madness is not just a time for players and coaches; it's a time for everyone to become an expert as they fill out their brackets.

From boardrooms to break rooms, grade schools to colleges and beyond, people will be watching the results of each game as they compete in their bracket challenges. With players from 68 teams, coaches, cheerleaders, support staff, and fans, there are thousands of people involved in the annual "Big Dance." The air is electric in these games, as a spirit of intense competition mixes with heartfelt university pride. Together they produce a high-octane enthusiasm that ignites stadiums, restaurants, pubs and living rooms across America.

Bracket challenges have taught me a few lessons I can take forward in life:

1. Anything's possible. Underdog teams have won the Championship before. Said another way, even something highly unlikely can occur. To me that's encouraging. It means no matter what I'm attempting, there's a chance I just might succeed.

2. Sometimes sentiment can get in the way. I have a friend who once picked the winners in every game, except for the Championship. He chose the team from his own state, and then lost. His brain said one thing; his heart said another. Sometimes I need to listen to my brain.

3. There is no perfect system. Some complete their brackets by grinding over stats; some choose schools by their mascots; others decide by the color of players' uniforms. There have been times (probably many) when those choosing teams based on criteria not involving stats have outperformed their stat-conscious rivals. There are times I must follow instincts.

All of this is to say 1) shoot for the moon; you just might hit it. When you're heading there, 2) keep your head in the game. If you actually do hit it, 3) see if it was your calculations or your instincts that got you there.

Good luck and God bless!

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Anonymous said...

Very true and too the point. We have to shoot for the moon, trust our brain more and trust what god and jesus has in store for us.