Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What We Wear Can Make a Difference

Men, as you're probably aware by now, we typically take a backseat to women when it comes to how we look. For us comfort outweighs looking good. Broke-in shoes, well worn slacks and a mostly clean shirt suffice for all but the most formal of occasions. We judge other men on how they perform, not how they look, especially on the athletic field. The man wearing shorts and tennis shoes who can sink a twenty-foot putt is respected more than the dude who looks like he came out of a Nike catalogue and two-putts from six inches. Guys generally don't notice what other guys are wearing.

But sometimes what we wear is very important. For example, you wouldn't think of wearing only camouflage when walking in the woods during deer season; at the very least, a bright orange hat would be a good idea. Likewise, running at night would seem to make a chartreuse or neon-colored vest a sensible addition to one's attire, especially when hoofing it next to a highway. At a wedding, it's the suit and shirt and tie that make an impression; at a funeral, donning black is the standard outfit.

One wardrobe item we can all relate to is the cap we wear. We proclaim our loyalties on the front of our hats. From John Deere to NASCAR to B.A.S.S.to the Cubs, we wear them with pride. We wear foam rubber head cheese, hard hats with cup holders, and are passionate about the brands we sport.

As for me, I prefer logo shirts. Whenever I travel I try to wear a Men's NetWork shirt. This past weekend I was winding my way through a long security line at the airport. I took off my shoes, emptied my pockets and, with all my liquids in a Ziploc bag, was ready to pass through the magnetometer. There was no beep, and the TSA man waved me through. I was good to go -- or so I thought.

But then the TSA agent stopped me. Now I'm thinking the machine didn't beep, so what's the deal? I was smart enough to keep quiet and listen.

He asked me, "The Men's NetWork ... what is that about?" He pointed to the logo on my shirt.

I gave him a quick explanation. Then he smiled and said, "I like that. I will check it out. Have a great flight!"

Funny -- but just wearing a Men's NetWork shirt gave me the chance to share some Men's NetWork opportunities with this TSA agent.

And I think the guy behind me heard too.

So there you have it: sometimes what we wear does make a difference.

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