Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Man-Cards at Church? ~ From an article by Rev. Greg Seltz, Speaker of The Lutheran Hour

“Did you pick up your Man-Card at church this week?” Now there’s a question for you! Actually, is church even the right place to get one of those things? I thought men were supposed to pick up Man-Cards at work, or at a football game, or when you’re out with your buddies. Well, men are learning again that the place to become a “man’s man,” the place to become the man your wife needs you to be or the one your families look up to -- that place is first and foremost at church. There, men are again discovering the key to their lives rests in their relationship to God through Christ, together with one’s band of brothers in the faith. And men all over the country are taking up this challenge anew to be “Christ’s man” for others in all aspects of their lives because of who Christ was -- and is -- for them!

That’s men on the move!

Recently I had the opportunity to meet with more than 100 men at a men’s dinner in Rolla, Missouri. At least 40 of those gathered that night were students from the Beta Sig Fraternity house of the University of Missouri-Rolla. And more young men were present in church services the next day too. All were gathered to talk about “running their marked race” in Christ for others.

That, my friends, is men on the move!

Men on the move are men who love and serve their families. They are men who really learn to love their wives as God loves them. They are men who know how to challenge their sons and cherish their daughters. They are men who know how to work, play, celebrate, take up the challenges of life and become spiritual leaders in Christ that benefit those around them. If there was ever a time when men of God like this were needed, that time is now.

Now is the time for men on the move.

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