Tuesday, May 25, 2010

War - What Is It Good For?

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May. This Memorial Day I will remember my Father, a teenager in December, 1941, who grew up to be a man in Europe as he joined his brothers in the fight against Hitler and his regime of oppression. I will remember my former co-worker who shivered in Korea as he fought his way through the mountain passes to turn back the Communist tide. I will remember my high school friend who went to the jungles of Vietnam and lost his life in the battle for freedom in Southeast Asia. I will remember my friend who served in an armored division whose task it was to flank Iraqi forces and try to capture Saddam Hussein. I will remember my former student who served in Bosnia as a Ranger. I will remember my brother-in-law who is on his second tour to the Mideast and is currently serving in Afghanistan.

I will remember the sacrifices each man made for his country -- my country -- and the time away from family, the hardships of battle and, in one case, the loss of life these sacrifices entailed. I will also pause to honor all the military personnel from around the world who selflessly gave their lives in battling oppression, fighting tyranny, and insuring freedom.

What is war good for? The song, of course, would answer this with, "absolutely nothing!" Yet, what would our world be like if there were not men and women who fought against Hitler, communism, dictatorships, and oppressive rulers? I thank the brave men and women of the military -- from all of the free world -- for their willingness to take up arms and put themselves in harm's way -- all for the fight for freedom.

This Memorial Day I will fly my flag, I will sit on my porch, and I will pray. I will pray for the men and women who are engaged in battles around the world. I will pray for the men and women who patrol borders and coastal waters vigilantly watching and defending against possible hostile action. I will pray for families who are separated by miles and time. I will pray for a time when all military members are united with their families -- never again having to take up arms. I will pray that war will become obsolete -- knowing in my heart that this will never happen this side of heaven.

God bless all our military members.

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Anonymous said...

yes, God bless the people serving in our military. the unfortunate "inconvenient truth" is that we still need these brave people to defend us against the real evil still at loose in the world. let us all pray for them.