Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Easter, Bunny!

Permit me to share a little of my story. My wife was born, "Arlene," but when her Daddy first held her she had pink ears and a little pink nose. He declared, "She is as cute as a bunny," and she was "Bunny" ever since.

I called her Arlene on our wedding day and sometimes when I was less than happy, but any other time she was Bunny. Every Easter morning I would awake and begin the first of our Easter traditions as I greeted her with "Happy Easter, Bunny!" Then the other traditions would begin:

New Easter outfits for the kids
Family sitting together at church hearing the Easter story
Dinner featuring ham and a home-made red-velvet, butter-creamed frosted lamb cake (with memories of one lamb that "bled" raw red-velvet dough when cut into - not a pretty sight)
Easter baskets - one hidden in the bathtub, one in the oven, others behind furniture
Egg hunt, featuring plastic eggs filled with jelly beans and an occasional coin
Easter lilies on the table

No matter what the family situation, no matter what the finances, no matter what was the chaos that surrounded us -- the familiar Easter traditions provided a day for stability, comfort, and joy. This day and its traditions surrounded our family with a peace. No matter what the future would bring, we would awake, shout out, "Happy Easter, Bunny!" and hear once again the Good News of the open tomb.

Today, the family is separated by time and distance, with the kids separated by time zones, as well as an ocean. Our kids are now on their own, with children and traditions of their own.

Bunny has been called home to her Heavenly Father, no longer present to hear, "Happy Easter, Bunny." Yet, in the dark, quiet hours of this coming Easter morning, I will awake and speak the words, "Happy Easter, Bunny," and will be comforted. I will not hide baskets or eat a lamb cake, but I will look at the Easter lily in church. My eyes will tear and my throat will close as I hear the words, "He is risen!" And I will whisper, "He is risen, indeed! Alleluia!"

"Happy Easter, Bunny" reminds me of a lifetime of love, joy, happiness, and traditions. I will recall the past and delight in His gifts of today -- another wife, a new family, new traditions, and the opportunity to share Him in all I do.

I thank God for traditions. I thank God for memories. I thank God for promises. I thank God for new traditions.

Happy Easter . . .


The Layman said...

We had a blog story in our city newspaper where moms and some fathers shared the fact that some moms just can't shake the baskets full of fun and treats thing, even when the nest is empty, but there is hope for a knock on the front door.

Happy Easter Day said...

Happy Easter Day.

It is a happy day full of easter eggs, hare...

Shared a video about Bunny with you. I think you will be like^_^


Kenneth said...

Many apologies... the Newsweek link should read:


In Christ, I am His servant and yours, Ken Klaus, pastor

Kenneth said...

Dear Richard:

I, too remember Bunny and appreciate you sharing her and the memories of Easters past.

Perhaps there is one other tradition which needs to be talked about... the tradition of trying to undermine the resurrection of the Redeemer. This year Newsweek seems to have taken up the cause. Those who wish to read an excellent article by an open-minded-doubter can check out this site:


While we disagree with most of the article, the writer correctly identifies the resurrection as an unbelievable event which must be believed.

Truly, there are fewer of our comrades taking up the cause of proclaiming Christ crucified and risen. Which is why I give thanks to the Men's NetWork and the Int'l LLL for sharing the Savior in the marketplace.

Truly, now is the time for boldness!

In Him, Kenneth R. Klaus, pastor