Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thanksgiving - 2009

The Halloween pumpkins have been reduced to pies; the trick-or-treat candy is getting stale, and the stores in the mall have their Christmas decorations out: welcome to Thanksgiving, 2009. I, like much of America, look forward to the day when I can eat turkey, stuffing, cranberries, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, homemade rolls, corn, and lots of pie! I admit it. I like the meal.

I also will partake in the American tradition of "Let's pretend to watch the Cowboys on TV while we take a nap." Ah, those are what memories are made of: the family all gathered around me at church and at home, the big, delicious meal, the all-afternoon football games, the laughter, and the joy -- each of these are much looked forward to during Thanksgiving.

A bigger part of the day for me, though, will be the time I spend apart from family and friends, and even spouse -- and talk to God -- just Him and me. I start off with giving Him thanks for all of the gifts I have been given over the past year. This year will include a growing family, a godly spouse, an awesome job, lots of opportunities to share His story, a comfortable house and more things than I could possibly ever use. Yes, God has given me more than I could ever dream of!

Then my thoughts will turn to the times when I wasn't particularly happy with my life. This year there have been health issues, family job reversals, downsizing, and uncertainty about the family's financial future. I will share with God a little of my frustration and anger over those things too.

Then my thoughts will turn to our nation. I am fearful of what is happening in our country. It seems as if there is way too much anger, self-serving maneuvering, and self-righteousness among our politicians, our news reporters, and our neighbors. I feel this year more than any other we are facing a "house divided" -- in much the same way President Lincoln must have felt. I will give thanks for our nation. It is still a nation of safety and freedom like no other country in the world -- and for those things I am most thankful. I will, however, also ask God to bless us with wisdom to walk away from our selfishness and look to the greater good.

Then I will be still and just sit in wonder and awe at the greatest gift I have -- eternal life in Christ.

Yes, God and I have been chatting for many Thanksgivings now. I look forward to this year's conversation as well. Perhaps you look forward to talking to Him, too?

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Gary said...

Thanks for the help, I am often at a loss for words of thanks at Thanks Giving dinner. Your thoughts here have inspired me to give God thanks for the many blessings he has given me and my family in the past year.
Keep up the good work and I'll see you in the balogna shop!
Gary Boyle
Grace Lutheran Church
New Albany, IN