Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Power Of A Job Well-Done

It was one of those days: the lawn needed care, the house needed attention, and the weather was perfect for fishing or golf -- plus -- the wife would be gone all day. What's a guy to do?

I know it wouldn't have been my first choice, but I decided to tackle some chores around the house. I cut and bagged the grass, edged, trimmed the bushes, planted grass seed, and swept the sidewalks. I then noticed the weeds in the flowerbed, so I started weeding. As I pulled out the wayward grasses, I noticed a hole under the front porch. Time to go to Home Depot®!

After the cart was loaded with bricks and rocks to fill in the hole, I had time to wander the aisles to see what else I would need or couldn't live without. I soon had pieces and parts for long-neglected projects loaded into the back of the pick-up truck and was heading home.

I had just put the finishing touches on the porch repairs when the neighbor walked across the street into the yard. He looked over the lawn and the porch and remarked, "Good job. You did good."

I admit it was good to hear him say that. He's retired and spends lots of time and resources maintaining his neat yard. As a result, his standards are high. He's also vocal about sub-standard property. He is not above complaining to the subdivision authorities if someone is not keeping up their maintenance. He is also a vocal unbeliever.

When he complimented me, I had an opportunity to not only share my tips for lawn care, but had an opening to share my belief in a Creator that made everything and saw that it was "good." I shared how sin corrupts and only through Christ are we forgiven.

If I had decided differently, I might have caught some fish, maybe even sunk a couple of birdies, but spending the day doing lawn work gave me a chance to share with my neighbor. At the end of the day I was tired, sore, but thankful God had used me that day to plant more than grass seeds.

Sound familiar?

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