Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Survey Says. . .

Thank you to all who took time to complete our latest survey. Your knife is in the mail - if you were one of the first 500.

You shared and we listened. We already have started discussions on how we can implement the ideas, suggestions and findings into our eNews, BLOG, Bible studies and website. You gave us much to work on,

Some interesting results:

Over 64% of respondents indicated that you read it every week and over 26% occasionally - thank you.
Over 37% would like to see more graphics - we will work on that one.
Only 38% of you have ever forwarded it on to a friend. Challenge: What would it take for you to forward it on?

Bible study session:
Over 66% of you reported that your study group ranges from 6-20 men. Challenge: What would it take to have all of your study group registered to receive the eNews?

Bible Study Suggestions:
The winner: "Is This the Time to go Beyond the Ballot Box?"
Close second: "Just these 66?" or "the Gospel of Judas and Other Books that Began the Tournament But Didn't Play on Sunday"

Website (www.lhmmen.com):
Best value: Baloney Shop with a 44% "Excellent" rating. Bible studies and Upcoming events followed.
Too Tame according to 57% - comments indicated we should get out there with hard hitting, no-holds barred, take a stand website that tells it the way it is and challenges men

Cool Insight: Over 23% responded that their group attracted new members because of the Men's NetWork activities. That is awesome! Challenge: How can you attract even more new members to your groups Men's NetWork activities?

Cool Insight 2: Over 66% of the men responding to the survey are between the ages of 35-64. This was younger than expected! Challenge: How can you invite more pof this age group to participate in your Men's NetWork group?

Cool Insight 3: Over 97% of the respondents indicated they are on Facebook. Challenge: Become a Men's NetWork Facebook page fan and contribute to the page - pictures, comments, etc. are welcomed.

We pray that you will be continued to be blessed to be a blessing as you use the Men's NetWork.

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