Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Men and Women are Different

How is that for stating the obvious? Despite all of the books, articles, movies, TV shows, and parental advice, couples still have trouble with one major part of their marriage - communication.

A good friend recently sent me an article from Preaching Today. It suggested, "men are computers and women are cell phones." Now that is an interesting proposition. It would also explain why often I hear but don't listen to my wife - I am in screen-saver mode. Literally, the lights are on, but no one is paying attention.

The cell phone analogy also fits, for she talks until I answer. Hmmm, I wonder if I can download a different ring tone?

Dr. James Dobson in his book, Love for a Lifetime, observes that women have been blessed by God with 50,000 words a day while men get 25,000. That means by the time I get home from work I have used all my words, but my wife still has plenty to spare.

So what does one do? Quite possibly, recognizing the problem is the first step. Men and women are wired differently, which is a real good thing. Then, couples can work on their communication connection - he saving some words for her, she letting go of some for him.

The best communication help I have found is at the end of the day when I turn off the TV, turn off the lights and hold my wife's hand. Then I pray for her, for me, for us, for the children, for our brothers and sisters, for work concerns, and so on - aloud. She, in turn, prays - aloud - for all that is on her heart. These words spoken to our heavenly Father are the best times of communication we have. Perhaps it also works because she can send messages from her cell phone to my computer?

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